Friday, April 16, 2010

The spirit of Mallory Candler who's dead for ten years, shows up in the body of a local beauty. She's back....& she's all around Waters...
This tale is like watching a train wreck in slow motion - horrifying....haunting...unforgetable...
While coaching his daughter's soccer game, John Waters happens to notice Eve Sumner, a local real estate agent who is a total stranger to him but who knows him very, very well. She knows things about him, in fact, that only one other person knows. Or knew. That one person is Mallory Candler, who had been Waters's lover in college but whose obsession with him had ultimately driven him away from her. Candler had disappeared after Waters married, only to reappear, tragically, as a murder victim in New Orleans. Yet, it seems that Mallory, as Eve Sumner, is back, as improbable that may be.
Sumner knows all of Waters's secrets and all of the intimate memories that they shared together. Waters soon finds himself again involved with his old flame. Her obsession with him is as strong as it ever was, however, and Waters soon finds himself consumed by that passion, to the point where his entire life may be destroyed. When another tragic event occurs, Waters realizes that this is an affair that can only end in one way.

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