Sunday, August 22, 2010


Singapore's Sand Skypark, an impressive & magnificent engineering/architectural masterpiece.
I couldnt help but: WOW! this is Really Amazing!.. when i saw it at newspaper:
A park high up above..200m in the sky
I didnt feel that impressed when i'm high up in the KL Tower..

i decide that i must go to the Skypark this coming Sept!

Remember about a year+ ago when i was in Singapore, I saw this construction in progress:and i was thinking: why build 3 similar, not-so-special building? triple tower?
anyway, still took a snap of it
& this

never would have guessed that it turned out to be something so awesome
The skypark is 12400 square meters, able to fit in 3 football fields
what's more, there's a swimming pool at 150m!
imagine swimming high above the sky....

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