Sunday, December 12, 2010

MPH Book Voucher

I love Books! I Love Stories...
All i want for Christmas this year is book & cant believe Santa heard me.

Ironically it's my bro who doesnt read book won the MPH book voucher contest. I was just hoping that either one of us can win the contest & consolation prize will be good enough & it was really so surprising when i saw my bro's name as the first prize winner. First Prize! unbelievable! Since he doesnt buy books, that RM90 voucher are all mine! it was really the greatest gift i've ever had! really love that vouchers so damn much!

So here i go, heading to One-U to collect the vouchers.Xmas is in the air
Arriving MPH One-U

Browsing around my favourite section - thrillers
Too many books to be bought, rm90 is never sufficient!

Deciding whether to get myself a Trump's book or Robert's

Here it is, 18 pieces of RM5 vouchers!

Finally, bought Peter James' Dead Tomorrow, Robert's Rich Dad Poor Dad & Sidney Sheldon's sequel/Tilly Bagshawe's Mistress of the Game

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  1. wahaha... juz realised u wrote tis out in blog! This showed a fair contest, someone never buy anything from MPH has the fair chance to win first prize! Wahaha~~