Friday, June 3, 2011

moving .. i'm gonna miss setapak

This is going to be the last few days i stay in 'starbuck'. Gonna leave the place that i stayed in for ~6yrs. feeling heavy-hearted to leave this place. A place of convenience, a place full of memories with my friends here.

I used to say i'll never moved away from setapak. love this place a lot. you can never find another place like setapak where it is very convenient for public transport or shops. You just need to step out of the house to the bus stop and there'll be buses there to bring you to monorail or lrt station. You can just hop in any buses that come along. There are rapid KL, metro bus & bus Len Seng and you dont have to wait for 1/2 -1 hour for a bus like in some other areas. You can get to sg wang, timesquare, pavillion, low yat, KL sentral, KLCC and even midvalley easily.

As for the shops here, you can get any shops you want, you name it, we have it all here. We have cafe/fast food outlets (KFC,pizza, kenny rogers), 7-11, grocery shops, stationery shops, watson/individual pharmacies, clinic, dental, chinese physician, barber, gold/jewellery shop, even pawn shop, bakery, banks such as BSN, public bank, RHB, maybank, hongleong, ambank; watches shop, key selling/duplication, phone shops, celcom, tuition centre, photo shops, electrical appliances / furniture shop......

I'm already missing this place & starting to wonder do i really have to move? Is subang really that far away to travel everyday? imagining the traffic jam...sigh..

it's time to let go huh...sometimes we just have to let go of something and move on..though it's saddening..

thinking of S club 7's song:
sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me..
though it's the hardest thing to do,
i'll miss setapak
in every way...

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  1. i think of N'sync song.. "Bye Bye Bye"..
    Haha ^^