Thursday, January 24, 2013


First day of a new year, spent most of the day on traveling. From Johor --> KL (bus),  TBS -->KL Sentral (KLIA express) --> LRT last station. Our journey started from 10am and finally reached our final destination about 4pm+.

A dear friend's wedding brought me to Johor, my first time visiting this state after staying so many years in West Msia. We went to JPO, Jusco Bkt Indah, Black Ball for afternn tea, and celebrating our new year eve at K Monster Bkt Indah.

What a memorable new yr eve dinner at K Monster! The worse service ever! Our food were served one hour after our order, and all of it were cold! so unpalatable and unacceptable! Worst still, the chicken chop, fish chop, spaghetti  are served in the same sauce! yucks! It's definitely a highly-NOT-recommended place for singing session in Johor.


Second & third day of the year were spent shopping in KL. Walked a 10 thousands steps in these 2 days. Spent a hefty RM200+ in clothes just these 2 days! Have never been a shopaholic or spend so much on clothes. This is the first time ever i've spent so much at once for some clothes! My goodness! Anyway, nice clothes & i'm loving it! Yay :)

It has been a good start, feeling good for the brand new year but it didnt last long. Undesirable things start lurking around....


Coming down with flu, sore throat right after my holidays. Not a big deal anyway. Went to badminton session as usual and happily chatting about safety issues around my area with one of my colleagues. Talked about snatch theft, car stealing, smashed windows etc. It never occurred to me that the very next day i would spend the whole day in Perodua service centre, for my car window was smashed by some too-free-nthg-to-do scum of the society. Nothing was stolen as there was really nothing valuable and most luckily, it didnt rain the night before! My car would have been flooded if there was a heavy downpour! Would have cried my heart out if that's the case!

It was so cold in the service centre & my flu was getting worse. A boring day spent sleeping like a child on the waiting couch til 5pm & Spent RM209 for the window. A brand new year with a brand new untinted window. great!


Flu & headache only got worse as each day passed by.  Feeling sick & tired of all those nagging & scoldings and only came home to find an unable-to-function computer welcoming me home. What a day! CPU was admitted to ICU. Lucky & thankful that all my doc was able to be retrieved. A brand new year with a newly formatted computer. Not bad huh?


Next. My encounter with big spider. It was the most OMG & another unexpectable thing for this new year! The name spider is scary, the picture of it is enough to scare me away, what's more to say,  a big one! It came out of nowhere & appeared right in front of my eyes! It was so OMG scary. Dont know where it was hidden now but that's enough to steer me away from stepping into the kitchen for few days!

Well, a friend said, it was all luck. A good luck. How many of us actually got visited by a big spider? Haha..

Yup, good luck is it for this new year. My luck is bouncing back. I'm bouncing haha!
Bounce ~ Bounce ~ Bounce ~ Weeeeeee..... : )

January is coming to an end. Hope everybody has had a great start and it will be a great year for everyone.

Smile! Your smile makes me smile : )

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  1. Visit by rare animal? A special luck! Wulala, spiderwoman!