Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Best Of Me

Finally got myself Nicholas Sparks' book. My very first Nicholas Sparks' book --> The Best of Me

Cant believe this author is introduced by my bro, the bro who didnt read books. Yeah he didnt read, but he watch.

Most of his stories are being made into movies. His very famous A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, are highly recommended by my bro & i fell in love with his unique stories after this 2 movies. 

I've watched most of his movies (Night in Rodante, Message in the Bottle, The Last Song, etc) and was wondering does reading his books give the same feeling & effect as those being made into movies. So here i am, got myself his latest book from the recent book fest.

My most anticipated story book of the year! : )
Hope it's a nice one..

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