Saturday, October 13, 2012

dream job

Leaving home around 8 in the morning
A 15-20 min journey is just nice
reaching office just on time
Kicking start my day
With a work load not so heavy
And some favourite songs keeping me company
A job everyone envy

From being annoyed to getting used to..
To the noise pollution every now and then..
Oblivious to the surrounding
Sink in the little cubicle of mine
Typing, reading, calculating, calling...
Staring at the clock every now and then
Before I can finally shout
TGI 5.30pm!

Going back sharp on time
A time everybody envy
Salesman sweating for the sales
While I just enjoy the incentives
Without having to sweat for it
A pay not so bad, that everyone envy

Looks like I have the greatest job
A job everyone envy
A job everyone dream of
Oh Yea

But how much do you know
What I've learned, what I've gained, what I've been through
A work of one year
Equals a work of one month
All of the time
I just smile, and tell the whole world I'm fine
While deep down, when no one can hear me
I feel like crying bout it

There's no point staying
When my heart is not in it
Everyday I'm praying
For the one job that I've been wanting
The job that i desired
I'm still waiting for you
I'm not giving up on you
If there’s one spark of hope left in my grasp
I’ll hold it with both hands

I still believe
Oh Yeah   :D

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