Thursday, November 8, 2012

everyday it rain

It's the end of the year. It's the raining season. It's the I'm-loving-it nice weather for sleeping. Nevertheless, it does bring inconvenience for those who are outdoor. 

It's been raining cats & dogs every single day recently. Yesterday, the sun has unexpectedly out beat the rain. As i arrived the badminton court, I was thinking what a lucky day it didnt rain today & it doesnt look like it's gonna rain too. Compared to the previous week, the rain was real heavy that we just kept playing, buying time waiting for it to subside and there was only one umbrella among all of us there.

Well, it did rain, heavily, in the midst of the game. I kept looking at my watch at 8 something, hoping the rain will subside even when i know it basically wouldnt stop for the whole night. Nobody make a move as the sky was still shedding much tears and none of us brought an umbrella!

By 9pm, i couldnt wait any longer. I ran to my car under the rain and took the umbrella in my car for my colleague. The rain has actually subsided a little. No matter how heavy is the rain, I will still do the same thing. I'm not afraid of falling sick because of the rain, my friend. I wouldnt fall sick because of that, but my stomach will, if i still couldnt feed it. Absurd but true :D

Bruno Mars was singing:
There'll be no sunlight if i loose you baby
There'll be no clear skies if i loose you baby....
If you walk away, everyday it will rain, rain rain...

Wonder who walked away from Bruno lol

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