Monday, December 10, 2012

Time flies

It is a lucky day for the new girl. There was no noise pollution for the whole day. No scoldings, no loud booming voices every now and then. Many are on leave as well. Peaceful day.

Memories of my first working day came flashing back as i talked to my new partner. A sweet young girl, almost the same height and weight as i am. Well, thinner, thinner than the already so underweight me. A nice person to chat with. As we chatted along, i couldnt help but keep thinking what is her first impression of this company, the boss, will she turn out to like this company in the  near future, what is her opinion of this and that after couples of weeks...

It was 13th June, Monday, when i first entered this company. I was full of anticipation, excitement, passion and positive spirit when i came in for the first-day-at-work.

My manager brought me to my seat, and started to nag why my place isnt ready for me, with paper bags on the table,no computer prepared for me etc..

Wearing a one-peace grey colour dress, which used to be her favourite dress, my partner smiled warmly while she greeted me. She then passed all the notes that she has for me to read as my boss was too busy to attend to me. We started off with the few typical get-to-know-each-other questions and never did we expect that we are just staying across the road from each other! what a coincidence!
We were so happily saying that we can car pool and save money but ironically, we  never did so til the next year when the parking fees increased. ha!

It was just early 9am in the morning. I sat there looking around, at the colleagues surrounding me, not knowing what to do besides reading those notes. Everyone was so busy, some are so focused on their computer, some busy on the phone, some walked around, carrying things..There were quite a lot of people there, voices loud and soft, low and high, noises here and there, a very different environment compared to my previous company. Then there was this women shouting at the HR, scoldings, anger heating up. There was this noisy printing machine with the 'eek eek eek..' sound every time the SOP team print the invoices or the sort. And then i saw my partner standing there, being scolded by the boss. Wow..what a scene on the first day. It was a totally different environment from where i have been and i wondered is it just that day, or it's how it will be like the following days to come.

''what do you think of this company?" asked my partner during our lunch. Well, not knowing if she loves this company, i was trying to be neutral, saying that it was just a bit weird, very different from my previous company that i still need time to adapt.

"weird? you stil used such a mild word as weird? It was totally like a market! It was ......" Exclaimed my partner as she go ahead to tell us how she feel of the company and others. I couldnt recall exactly what she said next, but it was obvious that she didnt like the company. So do i, on the first day. However, i still wanted to keep neutral and give it a few more days before i make my judgement of the company.

As i drove home on my first Friday with this company, tears rolled in my eyes. It was totally out of my expectation. All the excitement was gone. It wasnt what i  wanted it to be. Fri was supposed to be a happy day but my heart was screaming. The first week, we could just get scolded or nagged for more than an hour, going home around 7pm everyday. what's going on here? what's wrong with everything?


This new girl is lucky on her first day. The office was actually quite most of the time. At 5.30pm, i asked her to go home as there wasnt anything for her to do on the first day. Tomorrow, it's a holiday. The days that follow, i'm sure it will be a smooth one. Guess that her first week will be a smooth one, and that will make her stay, longer than anyone would have guessed.

In a wink of an eye,
Without realising it,
It's been more than a year i'm here
Time flies...
Wonder how long will i stay on
what's more to come
what lies ahead
a future yet to be unfold...

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