Sunday, October 3, 2010

Singapore Trip

Fri night 24/9

rushed like hell to KL Sentral, fearing that i'll miss the train. It's my first time taking a long distance train to another country. I was racking my brain thinking of any alternatives if i missed the train. what if i really missed it? Am i going to cry? what should i do?..all questions poured into my brain at once when i was anxiously waiting for the ktm at midvalley station. Why must it delay when i need it to come on time? should i continue to wait or should i just take taxi to KL sentral? the traffic is bad outside.. midvalley area is forever congested. When i finally decided to take taxi,praying hard that it's not going to jam, well it jammed so badly that after 15 mins i was still at midvalley area and i thought i was going to have heart attack...haha

What a relief that i managed to arrive before 11pm.

The train is very long, seem endless to me. So excited when boarding the train and the bed seem nice and comfortable. There was a Chinese couple beside my bunk, an Indian guy on my upper deck and few Caucasians next to my bunk.

There was a honk and a whistle was blown when the train departed.

Ticket checked and it was time for a good night sleep. The train stopped once in a while and i kept waking up, fearing that i might miss the immigration check point. It finally arrived at JB checkpoint at 5.45am but we don't have to get down the train as there are officers coming in to check our passport from coach to coach. It took some times for the officers to check all passengers' passport. when we reached Singapore woodlands train checkpoint, we have to alight from the train. however, there was no worry as the train was just outside waiting for us.

Arrived at Tanjong Pagar train station at around 8am and have to walk around 15mins to reach the Tanjong Pagar mrt station.

It was a sunny morning and i started my backpacking trip to Chinatown, alone while waiting for my friend to arrive S'pore from Johor. It was still very early and all shops are not opened yet. Walked around the streets and shoplots and it the weather was getting hot. At 9.30am, i started to take mrt to Bugis to meet my friend. Almost fell asleep waited for an hour at the bus stop in front of the Bugis mrt station. After meeting my friend, we started to walk around Bugis street and bugis junction till noon and stopped at the food junction for our lunch. Another 2 friends joined us during lunch.

It started to rain at noon and my desire to go to the skypark was ruined while my friend's preference to go to the east coast beach was canceled too. So we went to Vivo City at Harbour Front, then had our dinner at Dhoby Ghaut. Rain has stopped after dinner and we were heading to the Skypark at the Marina Bay sand area. However, due to the F1 racing, many roads and pedestrian paths are closed. It caused us changing route after route, trying to reach marina or at least esplanade through different mrt stations but to no avail. Ended up taking mrt tour for an hour! dislike F1 for the first time in my life!

That night was spent at Clarke Quay after the unsuccessful attempt to get to marina bay.

Sun 26/9
Universal Studio, Sentosa!

Took the monorail from vivo city to sentosa island. The monorail ticket costs $3.
For september's promotion, each ticket bought is entitled a $5 voucher for food and another $5 voucher for retail shop. So happy to get discount for my lunch! hoho.. we ate at the food court inside universal studio, and i ordered Bak Kut Teh, $2.8 only after deducted from the voucher.
My friend was quite surprise seeing me order a bak kut teh, as i once said that i don't like bak kut teh or anything with 'teh' in it! well, looks like my taste buds did change as the time goes by..Expert says, one may need to be exposed to a food up to 10-15 times to be familiar with it and accept it. Looks like i dont need 10 exposures to accept it..and i actually really like it!

The whole studio is not as large as i expected. However, it is beautiful...bringing us to a fantasy world. If u dont like to take photos or play any of those games, it may be nothing much for u.

The Shrek 4D show was interesting. never thought i'd scream out loud at the spiders scene, when there's the effect of spiders crawling at my feet. what a fool. think i must have took my friends by surprise screaming at some fake spiders crawl. lol..

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