Saturday, September 4, 2010


Jz sold out another story book last night. Usually i post it through mail, to people from far & near: KL, selangor, N.9, johor, pahang....

when this buyer asked about my location, i was thinking: no chance we're staying anywhere near to each other...i've sold many and non of them are even nearby..

well, when he said doesnt prefer mail as it may takes few days or the book may be spoiled during delivery, and told me he's at setapak...i was stil a bit reluctant,thinking near...but maybe desa setapak? still nt gona be convenient for me...

when asked further...
what? he's actually staying at the same condo with me...what's more, same block! what a coincidence!
'the world is so small', i told him.

like i always say, everybody turn out to be the friend of ur friend, and eventually ur friend.. so everybody knows everybody's jz a small small world..

'u check n see is the book ok?' i asked him. He flipped through and say: it's perfect!
Glad that my secondhand book is still in good condition =)
happy with the of risks / troubles of delivery & transactions =)

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