Friday, September 10, 2010

Popular Book Fest 2010

The annual Popular Book Fest is Back! It's their 5th anniversary this year

It's Hari Raya today, & first time in my life that the LRT is so empty.. i can occupy the whole row of seats haha
Today is the last 3 days of the book fair. Told my friend that i'm not going on the first two days to avoid crowd. Thinking happily that Fri will be less ppl as it's towards the end of the fair. Well, my friend was right, it's raya holiday today and it's really very crowded.

There are jz too many books to read...but not having enough time...
too many books to buy but having enough money...

Chinese books section

music CD section

Trump's book can definitely be found in business books
think BIG!

English books section
Bought some books but surprisingly, not one of them are my favourite author Sydney Sheldon's.

Met a friend and we went for dinner together. however, he drove to the wrong direction and we ended up at Cheras eating dinner at 10pm+ haha..

anyway, has a nice dinner and satisfied with my purchase

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