Wednesday, September 15, 2010

moon cake fest celebration

we're celebrating mooncake fest in advance tonight at boss' house. The actual day will be 22/9, next wed.

Me and supervisor are the ones leaving at 6pm, the earlier shift & boss wanted one of us to follow her car. to decide? cast lots! fair enough.

Me: MY,draw for me la, i donwana draw myself... or u jz throw it in the middle see which paper drop at my side..haha
MY: no no.. later i'll be the one to be blamed..
So there i go, reluctantly chose one paper, and open it up real slow... and... 'huh!!!! noooo...wei... y me la..'
haha.. actually we did hav a good time laughing and drawing the lots.

so, my colleagues were suggesting ideas for me to chat with boss in the car:
wah, ur car so pretty...
ur car so spacey n comfortable..
and the lists go on..

'MY,why dont u call me later..jz pretend is a friend wanting to chat with me, to keep my time occupied with the call..haha..' I joked

once i got in the car and boss is starting the engine, i was trying to start a conversation and here i go with: 'oh, u put ur dolphin at the handbrake here ar..' (lame..cant believe i really find some topic from the car..)
boss: yes.. it's the mock edition of the dolphin, so is not the big big one..
me : oic..but it's not affecting u pulling the handbrake?
boss: no..used to it ady..
me : i c..

~end of conversation~

uncomfortable silence...
so here i go again:
'oh u listen to korean songs ah?' i asked, feeling so damn lame again haha...i jz cant help...

and on the half way, MY sms me: u still survive? haha!

yea..i'm surviving well.
luckily we found something to talk about.. something that at least i'm interested to listen to.. traveling, australia, new zealand..

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